In Memorian of Anton Waldner

Courageous, risk-taking and with a feeling for real chances: these are the characteristics with which Anton Waldner prepared the group of companies of the same name with its headquarters in Wangen for the future. At 26th November the previous company owner would have celebrated his 100th birthday. 



The foundations for the success story of today’s WALDNER group of companies were laid by Anton Waldner’s father Hermann, who came to the Allgaeu region in 1908 and founded a plumber’s workshop. The oldest son developed his father’s business into one of the leading manufacturers of tanks, apparatus and appliances for the dairy and cheese industry already before World War II. After 1945 Anton Waldner expanded the metal processing business also into the packing machines and drying technology sectors. In addition to the dairy and food industries also the chemical and pharmaceutical industries became important customer segments.

Back then the course for the future was set by the company owner when he founded different and legally independent WALDNER companies to strengthen competition within the own disciplines, among other things. Owing to his global thinking Anton Waldner founded six subsidiaries abroad and thus created global business relationships.

Today WALDNER not only is the largest company in Wangen with a staff of 1350, but also an internationally active company with three branch offices in Germany and eleven subsidiaries abroad. At the headquarters in Wangen products are produced for water technology, plants for preparing and filling of food, as well as isolators and containments for the pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnological industries also for the global market leader in the laboratory furniture business. Whereas Hohenloher is the well-known brand in the market with regard to products for technical education institutions and equipment for scientific classrooms.

Employees of those days describe Anton Waldner not as an easy-going but as a purposeful and assertive, yet humble person. Although the former company owner passed away after a long disease on 3 April 1998 his life’s work remains in existence.