Living evolution

Safe, innovative and shared. Empirical values are indispensable when it comes to biological systems or the involvement of living beings. You know this from your everyday life. Whether in pharmaceuticals, medicine, biochemistry, biophysics, bioinformatics, molecular and human biology, or food research: we advance progress together with best practices based on expertise and individual solutions.

Living development

Rethink & create

Think & create something new

Are you looking for safe or sterile solutions for your rapidly varying requirements? Do you need aseptic packaging? Or ultra-flexible or digital laboratory structures? Do you want to rethink creative research and develop new and ground-breaking space solutions and concepts to inspire your employees? We are the specialists to meet your requirements.

Standard-compliant, of course

  • Ultimate user safety
  • Compliance with BSL standards
  • Ultra-flexible laboratory structures for changing requirements
  • National standards (e.g. China Stamp, USA ASME)
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