Ideal Working Climate

Our air conditioning technology regulates temperature and humidity, achieves and maintains room temperatures, cools and guarantees pre-set values in rooms and zones. Different indoor room climates serve a wide range of uses, and the temperature of even smaller floor areas can also be individually regulated. This is how we deliver perfect conditions:

  • Optimum room temperature and comfortable working climate
  • Flexible zoning with different temperatures and humidities
  • Guaranteed ideal conditions for experiments and applications
  • Prerequisites for unadulterated work results


Ideal Working Climate

Effective Air Exchange

Effective Air Exchange

Ventilation technology supplies fresh air and ensures the necessary air exchange in rooms. Our flexible ventilation philosophy supports the cost-efficient and time-efficient use of space. We meet specific challenges with the modular use of different ventilation components. Our ventilation technology systems are professionally designed in accordance with DIN 1946 Part 7.

Safety for People, Processes (and Products)

Effective air circulation, even in corners and recesses, is the prerequisite for a reliable air exchange even in critical zones. Our special solutions go beyond the conventional 8-times an hour air exchange rate – for the maximum safety of your employees.

Total Ventilation and Air Conditioning Solution

  • Individual zoning of ventilation areas
  • Pleasant and draught-free ventilation
  • Rapid removal of possible pollutants
  • No interference with other equipment
  • Excellent operating convenience
  • Comfortable indoor climate



Total Ventilation and Air Conditioning Solution
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