Innovative laboratory construction for agile workplaces

Efficient work processes only succeed when the laboratory is perfectly matched to the work processes. We have made it our business to develop flexible laboratory solutions that meet the individual requirements of each laboratory. Laboratory construction is the central element in this regard, because only if the laboratory is skilfully planned and flawlessly implemented can its full potential be exploited.

In order to be able to implement laboratory planning and construction in the best possible way, years of experience and a great deal of specialist know-how are required. With Waldner, you have a partner at your side who knows his trade. We will develop a custom-fit laboratory system for you that corresponds exactly to your ideas.

Innovative laboratory construction

It all starts with concept and planning

laboratory concept

Laboratory construction without detailed planning? This would be unimaginable for us! The laboratory concept is one of the most important steps on the way to your new laboratory. Based on your wishes and requirements, we work closely with you to create a concept for the future laboratory. Once you are completely satisfied, we move on to the concrete planning phase.

If you are constructing a new laboratory building or new laboratory premises, we coordinate with architects and construction managers on your behalf. This means that the laboratory can be optimally planned and implemented in the best possible way in terms of building management systems. At the same time, all safety requirements can be met – this is how your individual Waldner solution takes shape


3D Visualisation in the laboratory construction process

On a paper-based plan, it is often difficult to judge whether the concept meets all the requirements. That is why we use BIM (Building Information Modelling) software to create a detailed 3D model of your laboratory. This visualisation gives you a better idea of your laboratory and makes it easier to make decisions on planning options.

Waldner BIM Portal

Waldner dimensions – maximum flexibility in laboratory construction

Does your laboratory need to be flexible and adaptable to accommodate different work processes? This is precisely what Waldner Dimensions offers, changeable laboratory spaces that allow for rapid redesign. The key to variable laboratory construction is our Dimensions ceiling grid.

All installations can be incorporated into this specially developed supporting structure, from ventilation technology to electronics to water supply. The installed elements can be moved across the ceiling grid and used exactly where they are needed at any time. In addition, adjustments and conversions are possible at any time.

maximum flexibility in laboratory construction

Laboratory construction with the best building management system equipment

Laboratory construction and building management systems are inextricably linked. This is because the building management system equipment creates the functionality in the modern laboratory. This is taken into account right from the start when planning your laboratory, in order to create the perfect framework for your work processes. The following areas are particularly relevant for laboratory construction:

With electrical installations that meet your needs and standards, we supply your laboratory rooms with power and data connections. This means that all power-related equipment can be used optimally. In addition, various sanitary installations are part of the basic equipment of every laboratory in order to distribute water and gases flexibly.

Advanced air-conditioning and ventilation technology ensures that sufficient fresh air always reaches the laboratory rooms. At the same time, it has a considerable influence on energy consumption during day-to-day operation. Intelligent systems that recognise and take into account the required demand of all units make a significant contribution to energy savings. In addition, they regulate temperature and humidity at an optimum level. This enables a pleasant working climate and ensures undistorted work results.

Energy efficiency and saving resources are the focus of Waldner's laboratory construction. Our AC4 room air controller provides intelligent control of the air flow volumes. In this way, your laboratory can be operated with optimised energy consumption, while at the same time you save on operating costs.

The lighting in a laboratory should support the work processes and not disturb the laboratory staff. In laboratory construction, we opt for glare-free light and shadow-free lighting that promote concentration and are easy on the eyes at the same time. Dimmable lighting elements and LED luminaires also reduce energy consumption.

Modular laboratory equipment in modern laboratory construction

In addition to building management systems, laboratory furniture is also an important area of laboratory construction. At Waldner, you will find a variety of laboratory furniture to complete your workplaces.

Laboratory benches

In laboratory construction, we make sure that the laboratory benches fit ergonomically into the workplace and meet the requirements of the work to be performed. With Waldner, you can choose between five different bench frames and nine different bench tops. We also have four special benches and a variety of variable sliding elements in our range.

Laboratory benches
Laboratory cabinets

Laboratory cabinets are also part of the basic equipment of every laboratory. They provide safe storage for tools, chemicals and much more. In our range you will find tall, suspended, underbench, pull-out and top-mounted cabinets in wood and steel as well as special cabinets for acids, alkalis & co.

Laboratory cabinets
Laboratory fume hoods

A laboratory fume hood ensures that people can work safely in the laboratory and that substances which are harmful to health are safely discharged. In addition to their quality, fume hoods from Waldner stand out thanks to their intelligent details and optional height adjustability.

Laboratory fume hoods
Service modules

We offer a variety of solutions for supplying services in your laboratory – service spines, service wings and suspended service booms are just some of our total of seven types of service modules. They all have a modular design so that they can be extended or converted at any time, even after the laboratory has been built.

Service modules
Laboratory sinks

In the Waldner range, you will find five different types of laboratory sinks, which are adapted to your individual laboratory environment during laboratory construction. This ensures that the different designs meet the respective requirements in the best possible way.

Laboratory sinks
Supply and waste disposal systems

In a laboratory, various waste materials are produced that have to be disposed of properly. When building a laboratory, we plan safe supply and disposal systems that enable the disposal of flammable substances, acids and alkalis as well as the supply of flammable liquids – in accordance with the highest safety standards, of course.

Supply and waste disposal systems

The decisive phase of laboratory construction - implementation

We support you personally, not just during the entire planning phase, but also during implementation. This is where our qualified and experienced specialists come into play. They build your laboratory exactly according to the previously developed construction plan and let your ideas take shape.

We take care of everything ourselves, from the electrics and the ventilation system to the assembly of the laboratory furniture. As a result, you can be sure that the laboratory will be implemented professionally and that everything complies with the technical safety requirements of laboratory construction. After the construction and implementation phase, we hand over a ready-to-use laboratory to you.

laboratory construction - implementation

Getting curious?

Let's find out together what your future laboratory could look like!

After laboratory construction - maintenance and servicing

maintenance and servicing

Our service goes far beyond the actual construction of the laboratory! We carry out regular maintenance in all the laboratories we build. We check all building management system installations and also the functionality of the laboratory equipment. This enables us to identify potential hazards at an early stage and ensure long-term safety in the laboratory.

If, in the course of time, technical or other problems occur with the Waldner laboratory equipment, we will of course take care of the repairs. If the requirements for your laboratory change, we can also make adjustments and conversions.

Laboratory construction - why Waldner

Practicality, safety, sustainability, flexibility and suitability for the future – these are the central elements of the modern laboratory and thus also of contemporary laboratory construction. That's why we create laboratories that satisfy precisely these requirements and even surpass them!

We support you personally from the initial consultation and planning to the building management system implementation. Together with you, we develop a high-quality, customised laboratory that allows you to exploit your full potential while complying with all legal regulations and safety standards. Contact us today and take advantage of our years of experience in the design and construction of laboratory facilities!

Laboratory construction Waldner
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