Protecting precious ingredients

The production of fruit preparations is an art in itself. The very best ingredients and careful processing are the prerequisites for a top-quality product. You determine the raw materials, we then assist with their preparation. After all, the fullness of the colour, consistency, flavour and precious ingredients can only be retained through gentle cooking processes. We therefore rely on vacuum and oxygen deprivation in our systems to avoid oxidative processes at low temperature, giving you a perfect result.

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From pilot system to mass production

Pilot system

Our many years of process experience and our in-depth product knowledge and expertise count for a lot in the planning of process systems for fruit preparation. We start with your expectations from which we develop a concept for your future system. You are the test cook on our pilot system and set the right course for the project. We promise you before we move to a large scale: process management that mixes your valuable products homogeneously and gently, and efficiently and evenly regulates the temperature. In a system with flawless hygienic design and outstanding user friendliness.

Big on a small scale

„With others I am often the smallest customer. But at Waldner my concerns are treated as importantly as if I were the king.“

- Thomas Bertelshofer, beerenbauern

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Versatile design

Our systems meet the most diverse qualitative requirements governing the end product, whether for further processing to produce mixed milk drinks in dairies, baking-stable prepara­tions in bakeries, or preparations for ice cream production. We use aseptic processes, dosing and sampling to safeguard your product and fill it into different packaging versions and container sizes (including containers and bag-in-boxes). When changing the recipe, we minimise product loss by ensuring that the product is properly emptied. Short system set-up times and cleanability (CIP/SIP systems) are a given for us.

Versatile design
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