Vacuum drying cabinets – the ultimate in drying technology

Durable, robust and designed for 24/7 operation – introducing our Waldner vacuum drying cabinets. They are versatile for use in laboratories, production and development, and allow you to dry sensitive products quickly and gently. You are also building on top quality and safety – for people and products – with a Waldner vacuum cabinet.

As with all our products, we rely on maximum customisation. We design and manually produce a tailor-made vacuum drying cabinet geared to your specific requirements – not vice versa. This provides you with a made-to-measure vacuum cabinet that meets your precise requirements.

Drying cabinet

What sets Waldner vacuum drying cabinets apart

Drawer system in the vacuum dryer

Their individual construction is a major feature that sets Waldner vacuum drying units apart. We incorporate a range of different high-quality peripheral equipment into every vacuum drying cabinet, all perfectly coordinated to the requirements of the products to be dried and their standards.

Apart from their individual design and construction coupled with their customised equipment, it is the quality and durability of our products that impresses our customers. Our personnel produce drying cabinets in stainless steel, which will deliver good service for many years to come and simplify many workflows.

Vacuum dryers – from initial concept to the finished product

The production process of your individual drying unit starts with an initial concept. You tell us what the product is to look like and the requirements it needs to meet. We will then develop an initial design for your vacuum cabinet based on these details.

Before starting production of your cabinet, you can conduct experiments on our prototype units to test your processes with our system technology. We will only start manufacturing your cabinet once you are totally satisfied with the product. Ultimately, we will deliver a fully welded, gap-free vacuum dryer to support your project as best as possible.

Vacuum drying cabinet open

On site with you

Once your vacuum drying cabinet has been manufactured, we will provide you with intensive on-site support – with installation, commissioning, Site Acceptance Tests (SAT), qualification, service and maintenance. This will guarantee the long-lasting use of your drying cabinet for many years to come.

The basic design of our vacuum dryer

Drawer system in vacuum cabinet

Thanks to their customised equipment, Waldner vacuum drying cabinets can be perfectly optimised for your project to cope with the most diverse drying applications. As required, we can incorporate a range of different peripheral equipment, including fans, temperature control equipment, pumps, special valves and more.

The pressure and temperature distribution within the cabinet is always even, ensuring effective drying. And with a drying surface of 0.2 - 27 m² it is also ideal for diverse batch sizes. Professional control systems are used for the control, regulation and monitoring of drying units.

Special equipment options

If required, we can fit a wide range of additional equipment to your vacuum drying cabinet, including carrier gas lances, heated drying cabinet doors, removable and heated shelving, mobile racking trolleys, basins for drippings and automatic washing and cleaning systems (WIP/CIP). Waldner drying cabinets are also available in an ex-proof design in compliance with ATEX 2014/34/EU.

Waldner's cGMP-compliant cabinets are particularly suitable for demanding requirements in the pharmaceutical industry to guarantee the product quality of drugs and active ingredients. And Waldner vacuum dryers can also be combined with isolators if product racks need to be handled under containment conditions to ensure maximum safety.

Vacuum drying cabinet equipment

Vacuum dryers – a host of different uses 

Our vacuum drying cabinets are used in the most diverse applications and can often be found in the following sectors and industries.

It is crucial that basic substances and samples are handled as gently as possible, especially in drug production and development. Vacuum drying ensures that the ingredients do not lose their efficacy through the use of heat.

Chemical analysis requires instinct and the right technical equipment. Our vacuum drying cabinets guarantee the efficient drying of powdered, pasty and liquid substances without affecting the properties and efficacy of the substances.

The drying of certain substances is essential in the production of all kinds of cosmetics. It is the only way of producing certain products, while others require vacuum drying to extend their shelf life. Waldner vacuum cabinets are ideal for this.

Vacuum dryers are also often used in the food industry to prevent the valuable ingredients in foods from being destroyed through heat, protecting vitamins, proteins etc. through gently drying.

Vacuum drying is also used in the development and production of electronic components. If sensitive transistors or contacts are subjected to too strong a heat during drying, they can burn through and become unusable. A vacuum drying cabinet prevents this from happening.

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Drying units – more Waldner models

Waldner also produces recirculation air drying cabinets in addition to vacuum drying cabinets. Recirculation air drying cabinets have a modular design and are equipped with portable racking, making them ideal for drying products containing solvents or impregnated with water. Special designs, such as vacuum recirculation air drying cabinets, combine the benefits of both drying processes.

The Waldner range also includes vacuum contact dryers. These dryers include cGMP-compliant conical substance containers and are equipped with a spiral-segment agitator to ensure effective homogenisation and gentle drying of diverse substances in a single stage. Flap systems also simplify the cleaning of the units.

Drying systems cGMP design
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