A laboratory fume hood for maximum safety and efficiency

A laboratory fume hood (also known as a fume cupboard) protects the people who work in laboratories. It helps to prevent the release of substances harmful to health into the space and acts as a safe barrier between humans and experimental set-ups. We continue to innovate these standards. We are effectively optimising the air flow rate of the fume hoods, saving up to 33 % energy, thanks to Secuflow technology.

A Waldner laboratory fume hood also impresses with its innovative optional functions, including height adjustment, intelligent details, and digital connectivity. Waldner has the right fume hood for every application, whether you require a bench-mounted fume hood or a walk-in fume hood, have specific requirements governing the internal lining, or require an explosion-proof design.

Laboratory worker with an iPad in front of a fume hood

Secuflow Vision – the innovative Waldner laboratory fume hood

Greater transparency – better communication

The concept of transparent laboratory fume hoods creates new laboratory environments that revolutionise the feeling of space and collaboration. The Secuflow Vision stands out on account of its glazed rear and side walls and inclined front. Many more functional features offer considerable added value to users.

Transparent side and rear walls

Different glazed versions of the solid side panels of the fume hood and its rear wall have been developed. They ensure direct communication with the workstation opposite and create maximum transparency for an open and bright laboratory.

Transparency when required

The glazing panels above the service modules can optionally be switched from clear glass to opaque glass.

Fume hoods – safety as a basic prerequisite

The most stringent safety needs to be a given in laboratories. Every last detail of Waldner laboratory fume hoods has been optimised to minimise the danger of backflows from the interior of the chemical fume hood, thereby avoiding the escape of harmful substances. The aerodynamic design, with which the airflow components have been perfected in terms of flow technology, supports unhindered air flow routing. 

Supportive flow air is also blown out over the air foil cills, avoiding turbulence and flushing harmful gases safely away from the side walls and work surface. The Secuflow achieves outstanding retention values even in the event of densely packed equipment in the internal space or intensive movement in front of the fume hood. Its outstanding test results go beyond the requirements of DIN EN 14175 and ASHRAE 110. It also reliably protects the people working at the fume hood.

Flow measurement at the digester

Safety equipment for your laboratory fume hood

To make your fume hood even safer, we have developed various safety features. They protect the people in the laboratory as well as the experimental set-up inside the fume cupboard. We offer the following options: 

IONIC technology to combat electrostatic charge

Work is often performed with particulate matter and aerosols particularly in the pharmaceutical industry. Electrostatic charge close to the wall can lead to particles adhering and being entrained by clothing and equipment. IONIC technology developed by Waldner uses high-voltage electrodes to ionise the supportive flows, discharging the particulate matter and aerosols, enabling safe flushing by the laboratory fume hood.

IONIC technology of the fume hood avoid electrostatic charging
Automatic closure of the sash

A motion sensor on the laboratory fume hood detects whether a person is working at the fume hood. If this is not the case, the fume hood automatically closes the open sash. This increases safety, at the same time maximising energy efficiency as the required extract air volume can be reduced to a minimum.

Automatic closing of the sash on the fume hood
Obstacle detection at the laboratory fume hood

A light barrier monitors the automatic sash closing process. The closing process stops if an obstacle is detected projecting out of the internal workspace or a hand is sensed within the detection area of the light barrier. This prevents damage to the experiment set-up.

Obstacle detection at the laboratory fume hood
Alarm in the event of an open front

The sash and optionally the horizontal sashes are constantly monitored. An optical and acoustic alarm is emitted if the fume hood detects that the sash is permanently open.

Alarm when the front of the fume hood is open
Remote monitoring of the laboratory fume hood

Cameras and temperature sensors can be used to monitor experiment set-ups in the laboratory remotely. An alarm can be transmitted to the building management system in the event of critical situations, enabling continuous monitoring of processes within the laboratory fume hood.

Remote monitoring of the fume hood by camera
Laboratory fume hoods for special applications

Fume hoods designed for special applications with high thermal loads and/or exposure to acids need to meet extremely exacting requirements in accordance with DIN EN 14175-7. In specific models, among other things, we have adapted the design of the air flow to guarantee a laminar flow and safe extraction even when working with high heat sources (e.g. hot plates). The use of a special application fume hood and appropriate materials also makes working with perchloric acid and hydrofluoric acid possible.

Schematic representation of a fume hood according to DIN EN 14175-7

Greater energy efficiency thanks to Secuflow laboratory fume hoods

More energy efficiency thanks to the Secuflow laboratory hood

With continuous laboratory operation, a standard fume hood consumes around as much energy as a single-family home each year. This means that the ventilation of the laboratory is usually responsible for a considerable proportion of the laboratory operating costs. Not the case with Secuflow laboratory fume hoods! The Secuflow laboratory fume hood targets supportive flow air from the aerodynamically shaped air foil cills of the side wall and table edge into the internal workspace, preventing turbulence and ideally stabilising the inflow.

The air distribution in the fume hood, optimised in terms of flow technology, enables the extract air volume to be reduced by up to a third – coupled with totally safe operation. The air flow rate is thus reduced to 270 m³/h/m, resulting in significant energy savings.

33% less energy

Secuflow technology achieves considerable savings in terms of energy costs, investment costs for the ventilation system and the design of the entire building, compared to conventional laboratory fume hoods.

Whisper-quiet due to state-of-the-art technology

The reduced air volume has more benefits than just reducing the extract air volume and energy. A pleasing side-effect is the considerable reduction in noise emissions. The quieter working environment thus provides for focussed and effective working at the laboratory fume hood in both smaller and larger laboratories.

Flow-optimised volume flow measurements based on the Venturi principle are also incorporated in the perfectly coordinated control technology, reducing the sound (capacity) level by up to 10 dB(A). Overall, this provides for extremely quiet operation.

Ultra-quiet fume hood thanks to the latest technology

Variable and individual, thanks to their modular design

Thanks to their modular system, Waldner fume hoods can be ideally adapted to the dimensions and conditions within your laboratory. The following laboratory fume hood versions are available.

Variable dimensions of the laboratory fume hood

Waldner laboratory fume hoods are available in the following widths based on a 300 mm grid:

  • 1,200 mm
  • 1,500 mm
  • 1,800 mm
  • 2,100 mm
  • 2,400 mm

The internal volume is maximised by integrating the drip sink in the rear walls and/or side walls. Moreover, the connection height of the fume hoods can be reduced to 2,570 mm for low-ceiling rooms.

Variable dimensions of the fume cupboard
Possible service modules

The interchangeable service modules are integrated in the rear and side wall of the fume hoods. They can be flexibly equipped for the supply of mechanical services and electricity to meet the customer’s individual requests. The modules can therefore be configured perfectly to your requirements.

Exchangeable media modules in the fume cupboard
Worktops with various surface materials

Worktops and coatings for laboratory fume hoods can be produced from ideal materials for your specific intended purpose and depending on the application:

  • Melamine resin facing / post-forming
  • Polypropylene
  • Solid (grade) laminate, Trespa Toplab+ solid (grade) laminate
  • Epoxy
  • Stainless steel
  • Stoneware-composite worktop
  • Glass
Worktops with various surface materials
Internal lining options

The materials used for the internal lining as well as the design of the fume hood determine its possible uses. Appropriate stoneware is used for the internal lining of special application fume hoods, particularly if they are to be used with sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid or aqua regia. And, of course, other materials are also available for other applications.

Interior liner EN7 flue
Underbench units for laboratory fume hoods

Self-supporting underbench units can be used to store equipment and chemicals. They can be designed for acids, alkalis, solvents or cooling units, depending on the need. 

Substructures for the fume hood in the laboratory
Rear or side wall installation

Fume cupboards with a rear wall installation have only 25 mm-wide side posts, guaranteeing the maximum possible access width. The control panel under the worktop is angled towards the user to ensure the best possible ergonomic posture when working.

Fume cupboards with side installation integrate the control units on 100 mm-wide service panels positioned at the side. The respective extraction outlets and sinks are fully integrated in the side walls.

Side installation in the fume cupboard
Optional steel design

Waldner SI 3 Steel type laboratory fume hoods are also available as side-installed steel fume hoods. If required, the internal lining can be produced in polyresin, solid (grade) laminate, polypropylene or stainless steel.

Laboratory fume hood with optional steel version

Mobile laboratory fume hoods for greater flexibility in the laboratory

A mobile fume hood in the laboratory is extremely useful in many applications. It means that the laboratory fume hood can always be used wherever it is needed. Our AeroEm laboratory fume hood is equipped with castors and flexible service connections and can be set up wherever it is required, thanks to the use of quick-release couplings. It is ideal for demonstrations (e.g. in school classrooms) as it is transparent and can be accessed from all sides. 

The MobilAir laboratory fume hood can be set up anywhere within the laboratory in air-circulating mode, and is equipped with a gas filter cell, combination filter or particle filter. Our articulated extraction arm is also available for targeted extraction, and can be installed on the wall, service wing or service spines.

Secuflow Vision: ergonomics re-imagined

Transparency of design and ergonomics is playing an increasingly important role in the demands placed on tomorrow's laboratories. The Waldner Secuflow Vision laboratory fume hood cannot fail to impress with its wealth of intelligent details:

Electric height adjustment

Lab technicians don’t all come in a standard size. A development that has now become a given with desks, is usually still missing in laboratory environments: adapting the work surface to the height of the person working there. Continuously variable adjustment of the working height is now possible, thanks to electric height adjustment. Up to four individual working heights can be stored and recalled at the touch of a button. Individual ergonomic posture in a matter of moments.

Electric height adjustment for the Secuflow Vision fume hood
Inclined sash

Apart from the large-area glazing panels, the Waldner Secuflow laboratory fume hood is unmistakeable on account of its inclined front. It simplifies working at the fume hood and promotes a more ergonomic posture. It is also possible to work with the Secuflow Vision with only partially open side sliding windows on the laboratory fume hood, reducing the air flow rate, saving energy and, at the same time, increasing safety. The fume hood consists of four individual panels, which are narrow enough to allow people to reach past them on both sides. The panel thus protects people from spraying liquid and even explosions. 

Digestorium with inclined front pane
Retractable keyboard

The retractable keyboard aids digital documentation of workflows and can then be completely stowed away again when not in use. The alignment of the keyboard can be adapted in three dimensions to the respective person and working situation – ensuring effortless work that is gentle on the joints.

Laboratory hood with retractable keyboard
Holder for containers or pipettes

The Secuflow Vision laboratory fume hood means that you always have the consumables you need to hand at all times. The multifunctional holder for containers or pipettes can be attached to the interior workspace of the fume hood. This reduces movements and to-ing and fro-ing in front of the open fume hood window, which can also constitute an interference factor for unobstructed air flows.

Holder for containers or pipettes
One-hand operation of the sash

In addition to its air guidance function, the sash handle also meets the most exacting standards in terms of user-friendliness. It can be unlocked with surprising ease with just one free hand, and automatic opening is activated by a touch function. The slider glides open with motorised assistance and also closes automatically, with a light barrier detecting possible obstacles and interrupting the closing process.

Laboratory fume hood with one-hand operation of the front pane
Foot switch to open the sash

The integral foot switch, located at plinth height, is helpful when the lab technician has no free hands because they are carrying materials or equipment to the fume hood. It enables the sash to be opened without using your hands. This helps to improve safety, at the same time minimising unnecessary to-ing and fro-ing.

Foot switch for opening the front window of the fume hood
Glove and paper towel dispenser

The integral glove dispenser on the Secuflow Vision laboratory fume hood is simple and helpful. Laboratory gloves are compactly stored in the underbench cabinet of the fume hood in a holder specially designed for this purpose. You can now quickly and hygienically change gloves with one hand. A paper towel dispenser is also accommodated in the underbench unit. You can now also access clean paper towels with just one hand.

Laboratory hood with glove dispenser

Insights: our Secuflow Vision laboratory fume hood


Are you looking to purchase a laboratory fume hood or planning a large laboratory project? Whether you need a compact bench-mounted fume hood, an EN7 chemical fume hood or mobile laboratory fume hoods: we'll develop a custom-made solution for you. Just ask us!

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