Our all-in-one solution for changeable spaces.


The focus is on people at Waldner. We build our comprehensive and highly flexible Dimensions room solutions around their specific requirements. We therefore succeed in creating stories about individual building projects, with exceptional results. And the clever thing about Dimensions: despite its individuality, these systems usually work surprisingly pragmatically, quickly and cost-effectively. And they make spaces wonderfully adaptable – for other people, other purposes or your new objectives.

Beyond Standard

Waldner standards are a proven option when it comes to the spatial co-existence and co-working of people. However, generally more is needed where standard concepts cannot achieve the required objective: a complete solution with a solid technical basis and individual room variables. Waldner combines both for you. We are able to combine and configure all aspects for you from 08/15 supply lines to highly flexible ceiling grids. Together, we will plan broadly, and innovatively, and intensively think outside of the box to meet your needs. No requirement is too great, and no request too small. It is with good reason that we have named this mega-versatile and adaptable solution concept Dimensions.

Beyond Standard

Design and complete solution


Design sets the course. At this stage, we can think ahead and create adaptable structures. Dimensions provides architects with maximum freedom and flexibility to design ergonomic and future-centric working environments in room structures that deliver optimum processes. We visualise this at an early stage in realistic 3D models to demonstrate the way to an integrated complete solution.

Return on Investment

The development design of a property amounts to only 3 % of the Total Cost of Ownership. Design with Dimensions and significantly reduce your operating costs!


The Dimensions ceiling grid delivers maximum flexibility. The possibilities of creating variable space solutions with this flexible support structure that can be adapted at any time to changing requirements, are almost unlimited. And the installation of all service and energy supply lines is always at the right place at the right time. You define the limits!

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Lüftungs- und Klimatechnik


Our technology regulates the ventilation and indoor climate in your workplaces – for many different uses and individually tailored zones in which we generate perfect working conditions for you.

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Regardless of whether you need to flexibly supply rooms, entire areas or specific zones with power and data lines, or guarantee the distribution of gas and water to ensure individual supply to consumers - by designing and installing our electrical and mechanical services systems in compliance with requirements and standards, we ensure the security of supply and the best possible use of workspaces and equipment.

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Elektro- und Sanitärinstallation


Perfect lighting for optimum working conditions – your employees work more efficiently when their lighting conditions are right. At the same time, glare-free light and shadow-free lighting protect their eyes and promote health.

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