Carefully Packaged Flexibility.
Our individual filling and sealing machines.

All consistencies, various sizes, a wide performance range: We develop and manufacture filling and sealing machines of uncompromising quality and with state-of-the-art technology that work with maximum precision and reliability. From food and animal feed to cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, the customer's specific intended uses always define what a Waldner filling and sealing machine is capable of achieving in practice. Processes for sterilising packaging materials for food hygiene are included. Ask us about digital labelling for tracking your production batches – for safety, transparency and simple traceability at every stage of production.

Perfectly portioned

Filling systems

Whether you need to fill 100,000 yogurt pots per hour or require a compact system with a footprint of only 1.5 m². Regardless of whether you are filling liquids, powder or piecemeal products into glass jars, plastic cups, tubs or pouches, the operation of our filling systems can be adapted extremely flexibly – making them attractive for various sectors.

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Ideal preparation for transport

Packaging machines

Carton crates or open crates, simple or wrap-around boxes, Waldner packaging machines can be flexibly adapted to your product and your production volume. They enable filled cups, jars and other containers to be packed directly on the production line and are the ideal complement to our Waldner filling systems.

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Professionally packed

Pouch packaging machine

Our high-performance packaging machine, the DOSOMAT 20 Pouch, ensures that flat and stand-up pouches are filled efficiently. Various dosing systems with integrated measuring instruments ensure that each pouch is filled precisely down to the gram. The pouches are securely sealed using ultrasonic sealing.

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Becher- und Deckelentkeimung

For perfect food hygiene

Cup and lid sterilisation

Clean air booths, sterile air preparation or UVC blasting units – Waldner offers a wide variety of different systems to guarantee maximum food hygiene. Since sterilisation is a prerequisite for the shelf life and quality of food, we work with you to configure hygienic filling zones for your needs.

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Sophisticated control technology

Different filling sizes with electronic weight adjustment, heat sealing, inverted lid and large cup storage as a buffer. A practical report on the filling of delicatessen salads.

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Dosomat filling and sealing machine

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