Bright, open, communicative. Waldner laboratory furniture is whatever you make of it. Whether benches, sinks, sliding elements, storage hoods, special cabinets, service modules or supply and waste disposal of chemicals: our modular concept lets you create countless design versions – leaving functional latitude for unlimited possibilities. Many fume hoods or not a single one? Work benches with a load-bearing capacity of over 200 kg? You define the individual parameters. Ad-hoc conversions, mobile units, highly agile services supply? We are also set up for this in laboratories. After all, whenever you need to think fast, you often also need and want to be able to move things quickly around the room. Tell us about it.

Protection in laboratories

Laboratory fume hoods

Laboratory fume hoods protect the people who work in laboratories. They prevent substances harmful to health from being released into the space and act as a secure partition wall between people and experiment set-ups. Waldner laboratory fume hoods impress with their optimised air flow rates and greater energy efficiency, thanks to Secuflow technology – perfect for the laboratory furniture of tomorrow.

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Laboratory fume hood
Optimum supply in laboratories

Optimum supply in laboratories

Service modules

Service modules are crucial in laboratories as they connect up the entire room. They supply the services that scientists and lab operatives need for their research and analysis work in laboratories. Waldner service spines, suspended service booms, service columns or service wings are modular in design. They ensure excellent ergonomic work and ease of use, combined with a customised layout to meet your precise needs.

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Basic elements for laboratories

Laboratory benches

It is crucial to consider the right design of bench when selecting laboratory furniture to ideally support work in the laboratory. Waldner supplies a wide range of stationary bench elements with an H-frame, C-frame or cantilever frame, as well as a mobile version on castors. Waldner worktops also come in a broad range of different materials.

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Basic elements for laboratories
Storage space in labs

Storage space in laboratories

Laboratory cabinets

You can never have enough storage space. Even for your laboratory equipment. That is precisely why Waldner has developed the widest possible range of laboratory cabinets that can be exceptionally well integrated into laboratory benches. Whether you opt for underbench units, suspended cabinets or special cabinets: we have the right laboratory cabinet for every application. Naturally always manufactured to certified Waldner quality.

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For hygienic working

Laboratory sinks

Various requirements in laboratories require access to service water. Waldner therefore produces a series of different designs of laboratory sinks, which can be coordinated to your individual laboratory furniture. Select from sinks made of different materials, drip cups, sink modules and mobile laboratory sinks to guarantee hygienic work in laboratories.

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For hygienic working - Laboratory sinks


Standard laboratory components - delivered as quickly as possible in Waldner quality: The XPRESS laboratory range

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For safety in laboratories

Supply and Waste Disposal Systems

Our certified systems handle the supply and disposal of acids and alkalis in laboratories. Screw-fixed safety funnels directly on canisters or funnels in the worktop of the fume hood safely absorb acids, alkalis or flammable liquids.

Safe supply and disposal
For safety in laboratory operation
Precise measuring results - Balance tables

Precise measuring results

Balance tables

Vibration -decoupled tables are needed when ultra-precise weighing is needed in laboratories. Waldner balance tables reliably absorb impacts and vibrations to guarantee disruption-free measurements. 

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Safe and draught-proof

Safety weighing cabinet

When handling highly active substances, there are high demands on the health protection of laboratory staff, because these substances have to be processed openly during weighing. The AKKURAT safety weighing cabinet enables precise and safe work while offering excellent ergonomics and maximum comfort.

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Sicherheitswägekabine im Labor
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