Packaging machines for efficient production

If it is no longer possible to pack your products by hand – due to large quantities, for instance – then it’s time to obtain technical support. A packaging machine places previously filled cups, jars and pouches into prefabricated crates or boxes – precisely, safely, quickly and cost-effectively. The products are thus ideally prepared for storage and transport.

To guarantee the efficiency of a packaging machine, it must be perfectly configured to suit the product that is being packed. That is why Waldner individually tailors packaging machines to your product. Whether you need to pack cups, tubs, jars or pouches – a cutting-edge packaging machine can handle the task in the shortest amount of time possible.

Packaging machine

Filling – sealing – packaging


Before a packaging machine can do its job, the respective bulk product must first find its way into the right packaging. Food, pet food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals etc. are precisely portioned down to the millimetre or gram and filled into the prescribed container by a filling system.

The cups, jars, pouches, bottles or other containers are then sealed or welded in compliance with the most stringent hygiene and safety standards and packaged into single portions. The packaged products are then packed into larger containers by a packaging machine. This makes it possible to properly store and safely transport the trays, crates or boxes.

The Waldner DOSOMAT: our all-in-one solution

Filling, sealing and packaging – one system can perform all these steps: the Waldner DOSOMAT. It portions precisely, seals accurately and packs reliably – without any unnecessary interfaces.

Discover the Waldner DOSOMAT

Packaging machine design – individual and innovative

As an experienced manufacturer of packaging machines, we know that only packaging systems that are precisely configured for the container and final packaging involved can deliver the best results. That’s why we always adjust our innovative systems according to your individual needs.

Do you need a packaging machine that packs your yoghurt cups into ten-portion trays? Or do you need a system that packs your tins of fish for transport in large cardboard boxes? Because our packaging machines can be so flexibly adjusted, all this and more is no problem at all. Upon request, we can also happily combine the packaging system with a Waldner filling system. This eliminates the need for additional interfaces and guarantees the highest level of process safety.

Packaging systems

The Waldner final packaging solution

Each unique application requires a different solution. That’s why Waldner offers various final packaging solutions.

Case erectors

The Waldner case erector prepares carton crates and open crates in various formats.

  • Closure by a hot-melt system
  • Up to 60 carton crates or open crates per minute
  • Direct packaging in case erector possible
  • Combination with integrated packaging machine possible
  • Clean design for cups, jars etc.
Case erectors
Integrated packaging machine

This automatic packaging machine is integrated into DOSOMAT filling systems. It lifts the filled and sealed cups from the cup cells and places them into the waiting carton case.

  • Suitable for cups, tubs, jars etc.
  • Gripper system: mechanical or with vacuum suckers
  • Up to 25 cases/min.
  • Can be combined with a case erector
Integrated packaging machine
Wrap-around packaging machine

In the wrap-around packaging machine, the filled and sealed individual products are packed in wrap-around crates. Various formats are possible, as is an easy format change.

  • Clean design for aluminium and plastic cups, jars etc.
  • With pre-stacking units
  • Up to 25 boxes/min.
Wrap-around packaging machine
Combination packer

If you’re looking for a packaging machine that both erects and fills cardboard packaging, then the Waldner combination packer is just the ticket.

  • Carton crates or open crates
  • Closure by a hot-melt system
  • Integrated gripper system for formatting cups before inserting them into the crates
  • Optional design as a side-loader
Combination packer


Let’s work together to create a unique, ideal packaging solution for your products.

Applications of our packaging machines

Packaging machine

Packaging machines are needed in a vast range of industries. Waldner provides customers from the following sectors with highly efficient automatic packaging systems:

  • Food (e.g. yoghurt)
  • Pet food (e.g. cat food)
  • Cosmetics (e.g. crèmes)
  • Chemicals (e.g. insecticide)
  • Pharmaceuticals (e.g. nasal spray)

Most applications in these industries use packaging machines for cups and cans, but pouch packaging machines also remain popular – especially in the pet food sector.

Packaging machine manufacturer with the best expertise

Waldner has established itself in the field of filling and sealing machines in recent decades. As a renowned producer of packaging systems, the company now provides customers around the world with high-tech filling systems and packaging machines.

Our customers value our comprehensive expertise and years of experience in designing efficient packaging systems. Machines from Waldner are bound to impress with their excellent quality, high performance and individual configuration. We tailor every packaging machine to the respective customer’s wishes and special requirements to design a system that fulfils their needs in the best way possible.

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