Safety and efficiency in the laboratory at a glance

Increase the efficiency and safety of your laboratory with the LCC - your Laboratory Control Center. Monitor devices, optimize energy consumption and rectify faults quickly and easily. So you can start every working day safely and smoothly.

Discover the LCC and revolutionize laboratory monitoring.

Lab Control Center

Lab monitoring made easy

Lab Control Center

Do you have equipment and sensors in the lab?

No problem for the LCC. We offer the option of integrating equipment and sensors into the LCC. This allows you to quickly identify which devices have failed and which sensors are currently being used in a test.

What does that mean?

You have everything at a glance and can see directly if something in the laboratory is not working correctly, allowing you to react at an early stage.


Efficient laboratory management

Our user-friendly tiles allow you to call up even more detailed information and interact directly with your laboratory. You can also use the LCC to analyze the progress of your laboratory parameters over weeks, months and years. This ensures that your laboratory is operated safely and efficiently.

Online or offline - the choice is yours

Our system can be operated completely offline, but also offers the option of cloud integration. This gives you worldwide access and allows you to view and control your laboratory from anywhere.

Error management

If errors or warnings occur, they are displayed directly on the dashboard. This allows you to maintain control and safety in your laboratory at all times.

Fast troubleshooting

In the event of errors or warnings, our system offers you three quick solutions. Firstly, you receive immediate tips and advice on how to help yourself. Secondly, you can report the error to our support team by phone or email. The system collects all relevant data and makes it available for a phone call or via QR code for a prepared e-mail.


With the LCC, you can easily integrate your other laboratory devices thanks to our partner LabForward. The Lab Operator's integrated software offers a wide range of options for optimizing your laboratory processes.

Time-controlled efficiency

Use our flexible time control to get your laboratory ready for operation automatically before you start work. The system checks all parameters so that you can start your working day safely and efficiently.

Energy efficiency at a glance

Constant monitoring of energy consumption keeps you informed of your laboratory's current requirements at all times. The system continuously analyzes usage and, based on the data collected, suggests efficient measures to reduce your energy consumption. If you wish, you can have these suggestions displayed and implement them. Make your laboratory more energy efficient and save resources.

Deduction details

Get comprehensive information on every connected device, including live data and graphical history analysis. Even past readings can be easily retrieved, compared and analyzed. In addition, a separate tab enables direct control of the connected devices. All current error messages and the error history are clearly presented.

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