Dosomat fills into pouches

Pouch Fillling System (Pet Food)

Premium pet food with "chunks in gravy" consistency must be filled to the gram - and in stand-up pouches. The challenge: an optically appealing two-phase filling, ultrasonic sealing, no pouch-no fill process and a pick and place system in retort trays. Special pistons, multihead weighers and a variety of servo motors are needed for implementation.

Reference pouch filling system (pet food)
Pouch Filling System (Pet Food)
Filling machine deli salad

12,000 cups of potato salad

Delicatessen salad filling system

What makes a filling line for delicatessen salads? It must be able to weigh the cups precisely, pack them absolutely aseptically and - the most important - handle the ingredients for the salads as gently as possible and fill them into the cups with gram precision. Servo motors, which can be controlled individually, do the main work here.

Reference filling machine deli salad

Filling in any climate

Filling machine plastic cups

Germ-free - a big issue with this machine. A dairy now fills "Iced Coffee" directly ion site, where there is a feel-good environment for germs. This is possible because we enclosed the Dosomat, including the scales and packer, without further ado. The climate stays outside and so do the germs. And not only with plastic cups, but a wide variety of cup materials can be selected and the latte still retains its maximum shelf life.  


Reference filling machine plastic cups
Filling machine plastic cups
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