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The "XPRESS" laboratory range.

Do you need a laboratory straight away? But tend to have a lower volume of projects? And would therefore like to really invest in the right product? Waldner XPRESS is the answer to your requirements – our comprehensive standard range of fume hoods, laboratory furniture, service modules and corresponding equipment – a fully functional toolkit as it were. Always turnkey, always highly professional. And one thing above all: delivered and installed extremely fast! The name XPRESS does more, not just promise this. It also reliably delivers on that promise.

XPRESS to your lab

If you require a laboratory installed as quickly as possible, then Waldner XPRESS is made for your laboratory project. You choose one of two possible budget frameworks and then freely assemble your laboratory furniture from the corresponding XPRESS product range. You also need to be involved in the speedy execution. The countdown for us starts as soon as you have approved the final drawings. The revolutionary aspect: your preliminary work and our defined standards enable us to shorten the delivery time together.

Zufahrt zu Laborgebäude

Waldner-quality standards

Blick in ein Labor mit Laborabzug

From a completely modular SCALA laboratory system to pipette holders, XPRESS includes all the highly professional furniture and equipment components that we essentially recommend as the world market leader for laboratory furniture. Despite offering standard-compliant standard solutions, the range goes far beyond generally accepted standards! Our high quality standards in production, planning and implementation are systematically applied to the rapidly manufactured XPRESS. As is the enthusiasm for innovation, with which we meet altered requirements in all areas of Waldner.

Three steps to your XPRESS laboratory

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1. The volume of the project

XPRESS laboratories with especially short production times are possible with small and medium-sized project volumes. We would be happy to advise you!

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3. Approval

All final drawings (technical details, interfaces etc.) are approved by the customer. We start to manufacture and your new laboratory is produced in the shortest possible time.

Standard becomes the magic bullet

XPRESS gives you more latitude in terms of timing – you will be impressed by our quality and speed, thanks to fixed standards and criteria. That’s a promise!

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New equipment in an instant

Sometimes regular maintenance highlights the fact that a laboratory fume hood is not working properly. Our service technicians will then check with you whether a repair is technically possible or economically feasible.
But then everything needs to happen very quickly if it becomes clear that the fume hood needs to be replaced to prevent your laboratory operation being put at risk. We will therefore support you with a selection of laboratory fume hoods available on fast delivery.



Laborabzug mit FAZ Control Panel

Different dimensions, control versions or service equipment - there are multiple configuration options available when it comes to replacing your laboratory fume hood to ensure that the new fume hood is right for your work.

It is up to you to decide whether you only wish to buy the fume hood or also book our service technicians for the following work:

  • Dismantling
  • Disposal
  • Delivery
  • Assembly and commissioning


Basic concept

Different designs of standard fume hoods with rear wall installation. Fast delivery, on request with complete replacement service including commissioning. 

  • Connection from above
  • Melamine inner lining
  • ESG safety glass sash
  • Stoneware worktop
  • Underbench units on request
Laborantin an Bedienfeld

The fume hoods available for fast delivery are available in the following widths based on a 300 mm grid:

  • 1,200 mm
  • 1,500 mm
  • 1,800 mm

Equipment including electrical supply and gas, water and compressed air connections.


The worktops are made of stoneware.

Fume hood control

The fume hoods are optionally equipped with standard function display or AC4 control.

Bedienpanel für Laborabzug

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