Constructive friction shows us the way.
Jointly reaching the individual solution.

We design your features into the system. This increases the chance of customised solutions, which we had not fully identified up to now. New and individually developed for you. Whether you require advice, a needs assessment, flexible versatility, a new design or information management:
Challenge us with your ideas!

You are the professional in charge of your requirements

From food to pharmaceuticals, biotech to petrochemicals, industry to education: here at Waldner, we bring together and network experts under one roof for every challenge. However, you remain the professional in charge of your requirements. We integrate your ideas, respect your knowledge and officially ask for your opinion, among other things in our “Lab cafés”. Highly specialised products, in particular, thrive on this exchange – and on the flexibility with which we respond to a wide range of customer requests and situations. Together we lead the way to your individual Waldner solution.

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Individual project

Individual project





It’s all about the questions

Advice and Needs Assessment

Habits are there to be broken and try something new. But this often requires external stimulus. We support you by questioning and thinking laterally about your existing systems. Together we can move away from old thinking patterns, identify new opportunities and develop surprising new ideas. We then create our joint solution in prototypes and mock-ups – to ensure that we really understand what works.

People in a conversation
Workshopsituation an einem Tisch mit 3D Modell

Co-creatively into the future

Ideas & Concepts for Tomorrow

Use your own and our innovative drive to make your laboratory fit for the future! As an external source of inspiration and sparring partner, we will support you and advise you on this journey – from analysis to ideation and transformation. This is how new, fresh concepts emerge, which rethink and redesign laboratories, offices, makerspaces, communication and social areas differently. Integrated, smart and efficient. But, above all, always co-creatively! With your ideas and Waldner’s laboratory expertise.

Laboratory Consulting and Concept Development

Bespoke and sustainable

Laboratory planning

Only thorough planning can ensure laboratory rooms that are functional, safe, efficient, sustainable and future-oriented. Benefit from well-thought-out, custom-fit laboratory planning based on decades of expertise and state-of-the-art solution approaches.

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Design and Engineering

Integrated and interdisciplinary

Design and Engineering

The development design of a property amounts to only 3% of the Total Cost of Ownership. At the same time, this has a major impact on the level of all subsequent costs, including future management costs. That's why we plan the future use of space with you in detail, identifying solutions and alternatives. In doing so, at the same time we optimise your efficiency and adaptability.

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With a view to the future

Flexibility and Versatility

You continue to evolve intellectually, apply new knowledge and respond to a changing environment. You also expect this from your systems, laboratories, laboratory furniture and space concepts to ensure your practical future-proofness. We flexibly meet your requirements and develop sustainable solutions – ensuring that they are versatile and functionally adaptable. Good example: The Dimensions Open-Space room solution for laboratories.

Waldner Dimensions
Dimension Look in to the future Photo
Waldner Process systems

Never identical


Because your fields of application are diverse, our processing systems are unique by definition. Whether you need containers, insulators, or entire systems: Your requirements are as specific as our response. We decide together what is essential for your framework conditions and develop the perfect solution.

To process systems

All consistencies, various sizes


Uncompromising quality and state-of-the-art technology are a matter of course for us. However, we handle your products with maximum flexibility when developing a new filling system. Whether 100,000 yoghurt pots per hour or a compact system with a 1.5 m² footprint, whether filling into jars or pouches, and whether the consistency is highly viscous, powdery, or chunky, the possibilities are virtually unlimited, and our systems can easily be customised.

To the filling and sealing machines
Filling machine
Design and Engineering

A fresh breeze for your own visions


A new pedagogical vision is needed for the school of the future. The idea that a school class is a homogeneous group that can be taught uniformly until graduation is no longer appropriate. For learning that is fit for the future, schools must be designed differently and create opportunities - both pedagogically and spatially - for both collaboration and individual development. Hohenloher stands for our expertise in creating holistic, innovative learning spaces.

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