Seating furniture

Optimal seating furniture for every need: Height-adjustable student chairs, space-saving stools, cosy lounge units, stackable multi-purpose chairs, ergonomic office swivel chairs, space-efficient chairs for lecture rooms.

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Workstation systems

Bild: Arbeitsplatzsystem

Durable learning and school desks, sociable meeting tables (oval or round), multifunctional multi-purpose tables, space-saving folding and stacking tables, safe and height-adjustable laboratory tables, robust workbenches and much more.


The mobile hygiene station HYGGI is ideally suited for multifunctional use in foyers, corridors and rooms, in the canteen or cafeteria - wherever additional hand washing facilities are required. Simply roll it up, connect it and off you go.


Various storage possibilities: Fixed casework furniture, mobile cabinets, creative FlexLearn shelves, maneuverable frame furniture, practical library shelves, safe cabinets for hazardous substances and numerous clever accessories for structured order.

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Visual equipment

Bild: Arbeitsplatzsystem

Classic and interactive board systems, folding and pylon sliding boards, mobile presentation surfaces, intelligent displays and projectors, clear periodic tables and representative display cabinets.

Media supply systems

Workstations with the appropriate media: Innovative ceiling supply systems, mobile media modules, modular experiment tables, robust base modules, flexible laboratory cells, future-proof media cabinets.

Bild: Media supply systems
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