Cabinet for chemicals – safe and tidy in the laboratory

In laboratories and workshops that handle corrosive, flammable, toxic or environmentally harmful chemicals every day, safety is paramount. A cabinet for chemicals is specifically designed for the varied requirements of a laboratory and therefore a safe and legally-compliant storage solution for hazardous materials.

Waldner cabinets for chemicals not only provide safe storage space, but also ensure the laboratory remains efficient and tidy during its day-to-day operations. From safety cabinets for acids, alkalis and solvents to fire-protected cabinets and cabinets for chemicals with air extraction, we have right equipment for your laboratory!

View of a chemical cabinet in the laboratory

What sets Waldner cabinets for chemicals apart?

Waldner laboratory equipment is built for the future – compliant with standards, functional and durable. And that's particularly true of our cabinets for chemicals, whose material properties and fittings meet the highest standards:

Well-designed equipment for safe working

All cabinets for chemicals are made from strong, durable materials that can withstand thousands of load changes without any problems. Aggressive chemicals like acids and alkalis, toxic substances, flammable materials or compressed gas canisters can be safely stored in them. Depending on the design, the safety equipment includes the following:

  • Cabinet body made of power-coated sheet steel
  • Separate compartments for acids and alkalis
  • Drip tray with perforated, polypropylene plate insert
  • Connection to a permanently active ventilation system
  • Earth line with potential equalisation
  • Self-activated closing mechanism in the event of a fire (mains-independent thermal solution)
  • Compressed gas reduction station, separate bottle holders and a roll-in ramp for compressed gas bottles
  • Convenient and safe supply and waste disposal systems
Multi-part security cabinet from Waldner
Legally-compliant storage

All the cabinets for chemicals of our SCALA laboratory furniture system are TÜV-tested and comply with the applicable standards – for example:

Chemical cabinet with extraction system from Waldner
Tailored to your needs

With laboratory and safety cabinets from Waldner, you can tailor your work environment to utilise the available space perfectly. If your requirements change, the equipment can be individually adjusted and expanded.

Laboratory and chemical cabinets from Waldner in use in the laboratory
Everything from one source

We are your partner for all-round laboratory equipment: As well as cabinets for chemicals, our range includes many other laboratory cabinets and bespoke equipment – all of the high quality you expect from Waldner.

Waldner chemical cabinets in the laboratory

XPRESS: the professional lab in record time

Do you need a solution for storing your chemicals or need a fast replacement? We developed our XPRESS product range for precisely this purpose: ultra-professional laboratory quality, delivered in the shortest time

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Versatility by design – our cabinets for chemicals

Our range includes standard-compliant safety cabinets designed to store gases, acids, alkalis and flammable liquids. The following variants are available to choose from:

This special cabinet allows the safe storage of acids and alkalis in accordance with DIN EN 16121 and DIN EN 16122. The height-adjustable feet guarantee stability, while four variable shelves provide flexibility. Acids and alkalis are stored in separate compartments. The cabinet for chemicals can also be connected to a permanently active ventilation system.

Do you need a practical laboratory fume hood that saves as much work space as possible? The safety underbench for acids and alkalis is perfect for this situation. It features a connection to a permanently active ventilation system and has extendible shelves for ease of use.

The FWF 90 safety cabinet is ideal for storing flammable liquids. Designed according to the standards DIN EN 14470-1 and TRGS 510, the cabinet protects its contents for 90 minutes in the event of a fire. Connections to a permanently active ventilation system and an earth line with potential equalisation deliver extra security. The cabinet self-closes in the event of a fire.

The FWF 90 safety underbench stores flammable liquids in accordance with DIN EN 14470-1 and TRGS 510. These safety cabinets are installed under a bench-mounted fume hood and are connected to a permanently active ventilation system and an earth line with potential equalisation. The underbench unit also self-closes in the event of a fire.

The G90 safety cabinet can store up to four compressed gas bottles in accordance with DIN EN 14470-2. They are protected for 90 minutes in the event of a fire. The cabinet impresses with a connection to a permanently active ventilation system. It also comes with a mounting rail as standard to accommodate compressed gas reduction stations, separate bottle holders including lashing straps, and a roll-in ramp.

Not suitable for storing hazardous material, but an emergency cabinet is just as important, allowing fast and easy access to protection and rescue materials. The Waldner emergency cabinet features a first aid case, fire extinguisher, sand box, sand shovels and fire blankets, and provides space for additional first aid material or other accessories.

Want to know more?

Let's find out together how we can create a tailored solution for your laboratory.

Cabinet for chemicals as a component of your bespoke laboratory

Whether toxic, corrosive, flammable or water-polluting substances, Waldner laboratory cabinets and cabinets for chemicals are a safe and legally-compliant storage solution for your hazardous materials. They combine space-saving storage space with well-designed functionality, helping to create a safe work environment. 
Do you need more than just a safe cabinet for chemicals? As a long-standing manufacturer of customised laboratory solutions we will design tailored concepts that seamlessly integrate into your work processes: from soap dispensers to complete fittings. Get in touch with us and we will find the right equipment for your needs together.

Wall and base cabinets in the laboratory
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