High-quality drying technology

Durable, robust and designed for 24/7 operation: Waldner dryers and drying cabinets are fully welded, gap-free constructions, manufactured using the highest-quality materials. They are available in various stainless steel materials (1.4404, 1.4571, 1.4539 etc.) or in Alloy material (2.4602, 2.4605). If required they can be manufactured in a cGMP design with milled surfaces for the pharmaceutical industry, and are designed for many years of continuous operation. We can carry out application tests on our pilot systems to test the design with you before we start the implementation – to ensure that the equipment is designed to meet your needs perfectly.

High-quality drying technology

Versatile applications

Versatile applications

We manufacture drying units with high-quality peripheral equipment (vacuum pumps, temperature control units, fans, heaters, condensers etc.) and can optimise the systems independently of the properties of the products to be dried. Whether powdered, pasty or liquid substances, piecemeal products and structural components: Waldner drying cabinets are always perfectly designed, if required also as an ex-proof version in compliance with ATEX 2014/34/EU. Professional control systems are used for the control, regulation and safe monitoring of the dryer systems. They can be designed in line with GAMP5 (Good Automated Manufacturing Practice) with batch reporting and audit trail in compliance with 21CFR Part 11, if required, enabling logging and traceability.

On site with you

Once the systems have been manufactured, we provide you with intensive on-site support – with Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT), installation, commissioning, Site Acceptance Tests (SAT) as well as qualification, service and maintenance. You will benefit from our decades of experience.

Vacuum drying cabinets

Vacuum drying cabinets enable the safe, reproducible and effective drying of temperature-sensitive products.

The product racks sit on fully and evenly heated surfaces or heating plates, ensuring optimum temperature distribution.

Our vacuum drying cabinets are available with drying surfaces ranging from 1 - 24 m².

Our pharmaceutical vacuum drying cabinets are available in a cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) design for demanding requirements in the pharmaceutical industry to ensure the product quality of drugs and active ingredients.

Depending on the customer’s requirements, we can complement the drying cabinets with a range of additional equipment, including carrier gas lances, heated drying cabinet doors, solvent recovery, basins for drips, and automatic washing and cleaning systems (WIP / CIP)

Vacuum drying cabinets can also be combined with our isolators if product racks need to be handled under containment conditions.

Rack drying cabinets

Different operating conditions can be achieved with our rack drying cabinets:

  • Recirculation air / Circulating gas mode
  • Partial recirculation air mode
  • Fresh air mode.

The product racks are arranged above each other in a mobile rack trolley. Ideal drying conditions are guaranteed for all racks by the even distribution of the horizontal air flow and temperature.

Our rack drying cabinets are available with drying surfaces ranging from 1.6 to 17 m², and up to 51 m² in multi-chamber drying cabinets.

All components in the interior remain easily accessible and can be cleaned without tools, thanks to the modular design with integral fan, heater and chiller.

The rack drying cabinets can be fitted with a heat recovery unit for energy-saving drying.

Special designs, such as vacuum recirculation air drying cabinets, combine the benefits of both drying processes. We would be happy to advise you.

Vacuum contact dryers

Waldner vacuum contact dryers with a conical substance container are designed to comply with cGMP. An opening mechanism on the container lid allows the substance container to be conveniently opened for inspection and cleaning.

Powdered products are preferably dried under vacuum and homogenised gently and effectively simultaneously with a spiral segment agitator in the Waldner vacuum contact dryer.

The mobile version of the vacuum contact dryer provides 5 to 250 litres of usable volume, while larger systems are designed to be stationary.

The use of suitable disc systems at the inlet and outlet of the dryer ensures a contamination-free product transfer without exposure to dust

On request, the vacuum contact dryer can be equipped with CIP equipment.


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