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Pouch sealing

Picture: Training Pouch sealing

The Pouch Sealing training will teach you all the basic functions of the different sealing methods and their operating modes. You will perform calibrations, and change settings mechanically and using the software. You will use different measuring methods to prove that the sealing system is working correctly.

You will learn how to interpret and recognise error messages, and prevent operational constraints through effective maintenance. Should a component fail, you will be able to replace it as quickly as possible.

This practical training course is completed by different sealing exercises on our training machines and will turn you in to a 'pouch professional'.


Hot sealing
  • Safety instructions
  • Hot sealing methodology
  • Adjustment on the Waldner HMI (user interface)
  • Service and maintenance
  • Performing sealing exercises on our training machine
Ultrasonic sealing
  • Safety instructions
  • Ultrasonic sealing methodology
  • Quality assurance features and seal seam evaluation
  • Components
  • Auto-calibration
  • Operating modes
  • Mechanical adjustment
  • Adjustment on the Waldner HMI
  • Service and maintenance
  • Error messages on the ultrasonic generator
  • Performing sealing exercises on our training machine


1 day

Training venue:
Waldner Training Centre in Wangen

Target group:
Service personnel, maintenance staff and lead operators

Preliminary knowledge:
Electrical, mechanical or other technical training

All participants will receive a personal certificate after successful completion of the course.

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