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For decades, here at Waldner we have had a significant influence on working environments in laboratories. We are proud of that. And we are constantly evolving the tried and tested to ensure that this continues to be the case.

Secuflow Vision - transparent and height-adjustable fume hood.

Our customers are our most important sources of ideas. No one spends more time with our products than the lab technicians who work with them day in, day out. And since the best ideas always come from everyday working practice, we made the most of every opportunity to discuss issues with them. Among other things in our Design Thinking Workshops. What we create here is precisely tailored to the needs of our customers and their employees.

360-degree vision in the laboratory

Our customers were therefore also the greatest inspiration for our new laboratory fume hood. We listened carefully to them and found out what‘s important in laboratories today: communication and teamwork, employees’ health and well-being. In terms of the design of the fume hood, this means a more open sense of space, ergonomic working and the highest safety standards. Whereas the lab technician at the fume cupboard used to be rather isolated, the new Waldner fume hood now provides a completely new sense of space. The glazed side walls, and, if required, even a glazed rear wall, guarantee eye contact with colleagues. That way, people can see each other, communicate and help quickly in the event of an emergency. If the clear view of your counterpart becomes too distracting, the glass can be switched to opaque glass at the touch of a button. The lighter design enables more natural light to enter the space, which, in turn, promotes the well-being and health of employees.

Height-adjustable fume hood

The adjustable working height, which Waldner is introducing for the first time with a laboratory fume hood, is making a similar contribution to occupational health. The standard height for standing workplaces is based on a person’s height of 1.70 m, an average figure virtually matching no one. In laboratories, people 1.65 m tall are often working at the same desks as colleagues 1.90 m tall. The optimum working height is as individual as a person’s height. This also depends on the work and equipment used. For this reason, the height of the new generation of laboratory fume hood is adjustable. Every laboratory technician can therefore work in a comfortable  and healthy position. The effect is reinforced by the angled sash of the new generation of fume hood. It permits people to work with a natural posture, bending slightly forward, significantly reducing the likelihood of bad posture that can pose a health risk. The many well-thought-out details of the new fume hood make it even easier to work and keep things tidy and organised. Sensors permit minimal-contact working practices – convenient and hygienic. Smaller items can be attached directly to a gadget in the working space and so be readily to hand. Boxes with gloves or paper towels are fitted in cabinet doors and drawers and can be easily accessed without the need to open them.

Labs go digital

Experiments can be observed by a webcam integrated in the fume hood top panel when the experiment is underway. The use of appropriate interfaces means that the camera image can be transmitted to PCs and mobile devices. Laboratory technicians can therefore always keep an eye on the experiment in the fume hood from wherever they happen to be, saving a lot of running back and forward, saving time and providing additional safety.


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