Aero Em

The AeroEm is a fully featured laboratory fume hood that complies with all the requirements of the standard for laboratory fume hoods, DIN EN 14175. It is equipped with castors and flexible service connections and can be set up wherever it is required at any time, thanks to the use of quick-release couplings. A service wing provides services, including supply air and extract air. The upper part of the unit is made of fully transparent safety glass with double baffles. Maximum safety is guaranteed by the use of air-supply supportive flow technology in conjunction with extract air flows directed from top to bottom.

Laboratory Fume Hood AeroEM


MobilAir Laboratory Fume Hood

The MobilAir can be used in extract air or air-circulating mode and can be set up wherever it is required in air-circulating mode. Three filter versions are available for the safe removal of pollutants from the ambient air:

  • Gas filter cell with five-ply active carbon mat for organic gases and vapours
  • Hepa H13 combination filter with active carbon mat and “BEP”-type particle filter for inorganic gases and vapours
  • “P”, Hepa H13, Midilar MDSA particle filters for particle separation


Articulated extraction arm

Articulated extraction arms are available to attach to service wings, service spines or for wall mounting, for the targeted extraction of an area. They can be flexibly adjusted and also provide excellent positional stability.

Articulated extraction arms
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