Carton erectors for efficient packaging processes

Carton erectors fold a completely erected carton from a carton blank in the shortest possible time – completely automatically. The machine takes the carton blanks from the magazine, folds them at a perfect 90-degree angle, glues the bottom edges with hot glue and thus optimally prepares the carton for the packaging of various products.

A carton erector is an essential component in modern packaging lines because it significantly speeds up the entire packaging process. Another plus point is that the cartons are erected extremely precisely by the automated process and can thus be better loaded, stacked and grouped on pallets.

Combi Packer carton erector from Waldner

Fully automatic carton erector – the benefits for you

Fully automatic carton erector

At Waldner, we rely on fully automatic carton erectors, as they enable fast and at the same time precise erection of different cartons. This not only saves a massive amount of time on the production line, but also contributes to cost reduction and a higher packaging volume in the production run.

Furthermore, carton erectors from Waldner stand out for their excellent quality, durability, space-saving design and easy format changeover. Of course, the machine also complies with all safety standards to guarantee all-round safe operation – even after many years of use.

High-performance carton erector for flexible formats

In most production lines, products are manufactured in various sizes. In order to cover a wide range of formats, our carton erectors allow easy format changes between several carton sizes. In addition, different carton designs can be folded: open crates, which can be filled flexibly, and carton crates, which are particularly suitable for filling with cups. 

The machine is precisely adjusted to the carton blanks you require so that the folding process runs smoothly. This enables a high capacity of up to 60 crates per minute (depending on the format). Even large production batches are no problem for our fully automatic carton erector.

High-performance carton erector


Let's find out together how we can create a unique solution for your packaging line.

Carton erecting and additional tasks

Carton erecting and additional tasks

In the packaging chain, the carton folding process is of course only the first step. Once the cartons are folded and securely glued, they are ready for filling. The Waldner carton erector has the option of placing the desired products in the cartons and thus preparing them directly for storage or dispatch. It is also possible to integrate a Waldner packaging machine.

Would you like an all-in-one solution from filling to final packaging? Take a look at our Waldner DOSOMAT! It measures out portions to the exact gram, seals accurately and packs reliably – without unnecessary interfaces.

Further options for final packaging from Waldner

The carton erector is not the only end-of-line packaging solution in our product range. Depending on the intended use, one of the following three variants may be suitable as an alternative:

  • Wrap-around packer for packing with wrap-around cartons
  • Combination packer for the seamless combination of erecting and filling cartons
  • DOSOMAT with integrated packer – the Waldner complete solution

Do you need more information about our packaging solutions? Please feel free to contact us, we will provide you with customised advice.

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